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Le District's Candy and Pastry Paradise Opens Tomorrow, the Rest is Delayed

The massive French market in Battery Park City was supposed to open Monday, but its cafe section is ahead of schedule, while the rest is running a couple days behind.

Daniel Krieger

Good news for Francophiles: part of Le District, the enormous French market/restaurant complex (or French Eataly, as it's often described), actually opens tomorrow in Battery Park City. Just yesterday, reps were saying that the whole thing wouldn't open until Monday, but now they tell Eater that the Cafe District will actually be up and running tomorrow. This is the first place visitors hit when entering through Brookfield Place's Winter Garden (at 200 Vesey Street), and it's the area that houses a giant patisserie, an espresso bar, and the first US outpost of Parisian candy store La Cure Gourmande. It's also the place to get made-to-order crepes and Belgian waffles.

The downside to this is that the rest of Le District, including chef Jordi Valles's big brasserie, Beauborg, won't actually open until Wednesday. L'Appart, the 28-seat tasting menu restaurant designed to feel like the chef's living room, will open in May, as planned. In the meantime, the shops at Brookfield Place opened today, and some media got a preview of the Cafe District in the process. It looks like it was packed, but here's a glimpse of one towering wall of candy inside La Cure Gourmande:

Le District

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