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Mad. Sq. Eats Announces Its Return as Milk Bar's Hot Chocolate Stand Says Goodbye

It's your last chance to get cereal milk hot chocolate in Madison Square Park, but by May 1 there will be all kinds of new food stalls to choose from.

Courtesy of Mad. Sq. Eats

One way to mark the changing of the seasons in New York City is by the changing of the various food stalls peddling their wares in and around Madison Square Park. Case in point: Sunday is the last day for Momofuku Milk Bar's hot beverage/pastry stall in the park, because soon it will be too warm for anyone to want a cup of steaming cereal milk hot chocolate or miso butterscotch cider. For those who want to get there before it's gone, note that the stall has added two new beverage flavors for its final days: German hot chocolate (based on the cake) and doughnut cider (which sounds like it involves steeping doughnuts in cider, a la cereal milk). Update: Milk Bar team tells Eater that it will not be serving miso butterscotch cider this weekend.

Meanwhile, UrbanSpace's annual food stall frenzy, Mad. Sq. Eats has just announced that it will return May 1, with a handful of new vendors alongside a lot of old favorites. The most notable newcomers this year include Hill Country Barbecue Market and Uma Temakeria, All'onda chef Chris Jaeckle's fast-casual sushi place. Those coming back include Roberta's, Red Hook Lobster Pound, The Cannibal, and Calexico. And for that matter, Milk Bar will be back too, just without the hot chocolate.

Plus, hopefully at some point by early summer Shake Shack, the greatest outdoor food venue of them all, will reopen its newly renovated original outpost.