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Le District's Beaubourg Menu Is Tres, Tres French

Expect pike quenelle, escargot, and moules frites.

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Courtesy of Beaubourg

The floodgates of information about French food megaplex Le District, which is opening next Monday, have finally opened. The team now shares its early menus, which aren't quite final, but give a good idea of what to expect. At the restaurant district's flagship brasserie, Beaubourg, the offerings are very French. Menu items are written en Francais and include classics from across the Atlantic like escargot, pike quenelle, steak and moules frites, and salmon en papillote. There's also a raw bar section, a whole roasted chicken for two, and a hamburger. <strike>The menu still lists The Guy With a Name as the executive chef, but in reality</strike> Fabrice Renaudin and Nicolas Abello will be running the kitchen.

El Bulli alum Jordi Vallès will be overseeing all of Le District's food programs. There will be lots of prepared options in the "market district," like ready made salads, sandwiches, and lots of sweets including a Belgian waffle station. And, don't forget, 4 p.m. is chocolate mousse time. The salad bar will be swapped out for no fewer than 16 chocolate mousse toppings including Valrhona chocolate, freeze dried raspberries, and crunchy crepe pieces.

Check out the menu below.

Beaubourg Menu

Le District

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