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Seven Important Things to Know About French Food Megaplex Le District

There's a market concierge and a chocolate mousse bar.

Daniel Krieger

Peter Poulakakos's 30,000-square-foot homage to French food culture Le District will finally open its doors next Monday. The Post and Flo Fab got le grande tour of the space, which is divided up into four "districts:" cafe, restaurant, garden, and market. Here's some intel on what the Post has deemed a "Chablis-soaked dream for Francophiles."

  1. There's a market concierge, reports Flo Fab, who will assemble orders straight from your grocery list. No word on what the market concierge's cut is.
  2. The salad bar will switch over to a chocolate mousse bar at 4 p.m. every day, so don't even think about getting salad for dinner.
  3. For those who can't bear the idea of cooking, you can "have them throw anything in the butcher's case on the grill for you," says the Post.
  4. In the market district, there's also a wine bar, rotisserie station, fishmonger, bakery and cheese shop that will sell mostly French cheeses. "People will want Parmesan, so we'll
    carry it — we're not being dogmatic," Poulakakos tells Flo Fab. There will also be grilled cheese and fondue.
  5. The sweets section will have the first American outpost of Parisian candy store La Cure Gourmande, a creperie and Belgian waffles topped with whipped cream.
  6. The much buzzed about restaurant district will offer three dining options: brasserie Beaubourg, a dark bar with the creative name of Le Bar, and a 28-seat tasting menu/fine dining space called L'Appart (which means the apartment in French) that supposedly makes it feel like you're eating in the chef's living room. That chef, of course, is El Bulli alum Jordi Vallès, who is the culinary director of the entire complex.
  7. Al fresco picnicking is encouraged. The complex's 7,000-square-feet of outdoor space, with seating for 250 overlooking the Hudson, will debut in May.

Construction is just finishing up now, but check back soon for Eater's own grande tour of the space. In the meantime, above is a glimpse of the gleaming pastry counter.

Le District

225 Liberty Street, Manhattan, NY 10281 (212) 981-8588 Visit Website