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Michael Psilakis's Long-Delayed Brooklyn Restaurant Could Actually Open Next Month

Williamsburg is about to get an outpost of MP Taverna alongside a giant performance venue.

A glimpse inside MP Taverna Williamsburg
A glimpse inside MP Taverna Williamsburg

It has been a solid five years since Greek chef Michael Psilakis first filed paperwork to open a massive beer garden in Williamsburg, it sounds like he'll finally actually open the place next month. The first time around, the project fell by the wayside, and was only revived in 2013 when Psilakis (who also owns the ever-popular Kefi and MP Taverna, and the Michelin-starred Anthos), filed for a liquor license a second time. Then it was almost a year before Psilakis announced the impending opening, along with the news that the space would be home not only to a beer hall/art space, but also a Greek market and an outpost of MP Taverna.

Though the complex did not open in November, as Psilakis had originally intended, a spokesperson now tells DNAinfo it will open some time in April – mid-April if Psilakis's recent tweets are to be believed. The beer hall has now been dubbed simply The Hall, and it promises to serve as a live performance space while serving a Greek menu separate from MP Taverna's. A while ago, Psilakis also promised 30 beers and 10 wines on tap, so Brooklynites can only hope that this is still the case. The Williamsburg MP Taverna, meanwhile, will get with the times and focus more on small plates than its brethren in Astoria and upstate. There's no mention of the market, so it's unclear whether that's still part of the plan. Eater has reached out for more details. Stay tuned.

Update: A spokesperson tells Eater that only MP Taverna will open in April, while the Hall won't open until later this summer.

MP Taverna Williamsburg

470 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211