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Flushing's Kum Gang San Ordered to Pay $2.67 Million to 11 Employees

Among other things, workers were forced to pick cabbage on their day off.

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Late last week, a federal judge ruled that Kum Gang San, a Korean mainstay in Flushing, owes a group of 11 employees $2.67 million in back wages, reports the Times. These employees filed suit against the restaurant in June of last year, with a host of complaints. Among other things, they were forced to work 16 hour shifts at sub minimum wage rates, to move the owner's son to a new apartment, shovel snow from the owner's driveway, and pick cabbage at a farm on their day off.

This is not the restaurant's first offense. In 2010, the state ordered the restaurant's Manhattan location, which closed a month ago when it couldn't make rent, to pay $1.95 million in wages owed and damages to 66 employees. The restaurant appealed the decision and lost, but has still not paid the money owed. The same year, it was also fined $4,000 for child labor law violations.


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