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Ex-Quo Waitress Awarded $1 Million in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Seven years later, Nicole Slama is seeing a small slice of justice.

Gary Malhotra/Quo

Seven plus years after being sexually harassed by her boss at one-time B-level club Quo, Nicole Slama has been awarded $1 million by a New York court. Gary Malhotra, who owned the club (and is also a licensed lawyer, yikes), kept Slama in a storage closet while he forcible snorted cocaine off her shoulder and licked her shoulder and neck. Malhotra was convicted of sexual abuse, harassment, and forcible touching in 2009 and Slama filed a $3.5. million dollar suit against him in 2010, but the case was delayed because Malhortra kept saying he was going to appeal his conviction. He never did.

"I am so relieved that this long battle has finally come to an end," Slama told the Daily News. "It has been a long and emotional road." Still, Slama and her lawyer have to collect the $1 million from Malhotra, who is now practicing law on Long Island.