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Nick Solares

Shake Shack may be getting ready to unleash its cult burgers and concretes on commuters bustling through the new Fulton Center, at least according to a rumor reported by Tribeca Citizen. Following up on a tip, TC asked a couple security guards at the newly open mall-like complex, who said the restaurant would open "soon." Currently, the original Madison Square Park location is going through a gut renovation, but if the rumors turn out to be true, this would bring the tally of operational Shacks in NYC to 11. A FiDi outpost wouldn't exactly come as a surprise, especially considering the rapid growth of downtown's office lunch scene courtesy of Brookfield Place. Plus, Danny Meyer has certainly got the funds to back a new outpost after the company's recent IPO and investors are itching to see expansion efforts underway. Eater has reached out to Shake Shack, so stay tuned.

Fulton Center

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