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David Chang's Delivery Startup Maple Scored $22 Million in Funding

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Restaurant-quality meals in 15 minutes for $10 to $15. Can it be done?


Maple, the new app headed up by Momofuku master himself David Chang that is supposed to revolutionize delivery, just got a $22 million infusion of cash from a couple of venture capital firms and the CEO of e-commerce site Bonobos, reports Fortune. When the app launches in a few months, it promises to bring restaurant level food selected by chefs like Dan Kluger, Mark Ladner, and Brooks Headley to customers in Manhattan in 15 minutes, and for about $10 to $15. How, precisely that will all go down is top secret/probably still in the works. Still, Chang is pretty much getting his PhD in large scale operations these days from his fried chicken concept Fuku to the packaging of Ssam Sauce, so he's on it.