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Charitable Shoe Company Toms Opens a Hipster Cafe Downtown

Expect One Girl Cookies and pastries from Balthazar.

Will Foster

One-for-one charity shoe company Toms opened its NYC store and cafe on Friday, selling more coffee and pastries than actual shoes. It offers coffee from its own roasting company, sweets from One Girl Cookies, and croissants and danishes from Balthazar, and for each bag of coffee sold, the company provides a week's worth of clean water to someone in need.

There are a few bar stools indoors and an outdoor patio with a fireplace for when the thaw comes. There's a bookshelf where people can donate or swap books and in ultimate hipster fashion, the team plans to host everything from live music and documentary screenings to cocktails tastings. There will even be craft nights, including something called a "knitting gang," which is presumably the cooler version of a knitting circle.



264 Elizabeth Street, New York , NY