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Hit Soba Shop Cocoron Opens Japanese Curry House Next Door on Kenmare

Danny Bowien's already paid a visit.

Google Street View

Yoshihito Kira's ever-busy soba restaurant Cocoron now has a little sister next door. Goemon Curry quietly started dishing up brown Japanese curry sauce over plates of fried fish and into deep soup bowls last week. The king of East Broadway, Danny Bowien has already paid a visit:

Eater hasn't seen the full menu quite yet, but it looks like Goemon has its own cast of quirky manga characters. This turbaned bunny promises that the curry will "less risk of cancer," "boosted immune system," and perhaps best of all "IQ up?":

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Goemon Japanese Curry

29 Kenmare St, New York, NY 10012 (212) 226-1262