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The Line at Lombardi's Is So Long They Hired a Pizza Bouncer [UPDATED]

The pizzeria is selling pies for five cents today only.

Cynthia Correa

Pizza legend Lombardi's is celebrating 110 years today with five cent pies (it's what they charged when they opened in 1905), so naturally the place is mobbed. The line was more than 50 people deep at lunch. It was so intense, the owners had to install a pizza bouncer at the door to keep those pizza starved fans in check (note: don't mess with the pizza bouncer).

pizza bouncer

When Lombardi's turned 100 and celebrated with a similar special, the team made 2,500 pies before running out of dough. This time, manager Gil Soto tells AMny: "we're a little more prepared!" The five cent deal is good today only until 11 p.m. or until the dough runs out. Oh, and pizzas must be consumed on the premises, this is a party after all.

UPDATE 4:36 p.m.:

That pizza bouncer is on his game, taking names and getting people in for their pies.

Still, the wait is long enough, it might just warrant bringing reading materials.

Some people are giving up. One less person to have to wait behind...


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