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Seamus Mullen Puts the Meat Back in MePa at El Colmado Butchery

The chef behind Tertulia brings an all-in-one butcher and tapas restaurant to the Meatpacking District.

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Tertulia chef and owner Seamus Mullen opened his latest venture, El Colmado Butchery earlier this week after a few curious delays. Located on the outside edge of the Meatpacking District it must be the first butcher shop to open in the neighborhood this century. The businesses that gave the area its name having mostly fled as rents skyrocketed.

While there is an existing El Colmado in Gotham West Market it is strictly a tapas counter. The downtown version offers a full menu all day long, but is also a butcher shop selling pasture raised and grass fed animals, which Mullen hopes the neighborhood will embrace. At night the butcher counters are cleared and transformed into bar seating, the space then becomes a full bore tapas bar.


El Colmado Butchery

53 Little West 12th St, New York, NY Visit Website