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NYC's Second J.G. Melon Won't Be Run By The Original Owner

The owners of the Mermaid Inn, Magnolia, and a longtime J. G. Melon vet will be running the show.


The upcoming West Village branch of J.G. Melon will not be run by the Jack O'Neill, the owner of the original Upper East Side location. Instead, restaurateurs Danny Abrams (of The Mermaid Inn), Steve Abrams (of Magnolia Bakery) and Shaun Young, who helmed the original outpost for over 30 years, have acquired the rights to expand the 1972 classic, and will be doing so on their own. A rep for the new restaurant confirms that "Jack O'Neill will not be playing any role in the new location, though he will maintain his ownership/role at the existing location." At least the menu will basically stay the same: "There may be some additions to the menu," but overall it shouldn't change much. At the moment, they're shooting for an early summer opening, so stay tuned.

J. G. Melon West Village

89 Macdougal St, New York, New York 10012