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Mathieu Palombino Opens Motorino Singapore, Can Finally Focus on La Gamelle

The French bistro on the Bowery has been delayed by Palombino's ventures abroad.

Nick Solares

Motorino master Mathieu Palombino has been busy on the other side of the world lately, and today he opens the Singapore outpost of his prized pizzeria. At this point, opening pizzerias overseas is old hat for Palombino – he already has not one but two Motorinos in Hong Kong, plus one in Manila. But more importantly for those in New York, where Motorino is already well-established, is that now Palombino can focus his full attention on La Gamelle, his French bistro on the Bowery. Progress on that restaurant, which is the brick-and-mortar version of his popular pop-up Chez Jef, has been delayed several times, partially because Palombino was off in Singapore. But in late February he told Eater that the opening was slated for April, so hopefully that means he's heading stateside to get down to business soon. Stay tuned.

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La Gamelle

241 Bowery, New York, NY 10002 212-388-0052