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These Are New York City's Four Star Restaurants

A four star review from the Times is a rare and coveted achievement. Currently only six restaurants in the city can claim membership in the four star club.

Per Se
Per Se
Daniel Krieger

Today, Pete Wells reaffirmed Eleven Madison Park's four-star rating in the Times. This is the fourth time in his tenure as critic that he's reviewed a restaurant that previously held four stars, and the third time he's maintained those stars – he upheld that rating for Jean-Georges about a year ago, and bestowed four stars on Le Bernardin back in 2012. So far, only Daniel has been demoted, down to three stars in 2013.

In 2013, Pete also bestowed the Times' highest rating upon newcomer Sushi Nakazawa, so in total he has filed four four-star reviews in his time as critic. Here's a guide to the restaurants that are currently in the coveted four star club, with details on their review histories: