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Displaced Dive Subway Inn Reopens Friday in a New Upper East Side Home

Everything from the sign to the bar itself was moved over and given a spruce.


The glowing neon sign, bar, and just about everything else from the late and great Subway Inn will make their triumphant return this Friday, when the classic Upper East Side dive opens in its new home on Second Avenue. A few things, including the bar itself and sign have gotten spruced up, but owners promise that it really "is the exact same neon sign."

Gothamist got an early sneak peek around the place and spotted the "Save Subway Inn. Sign Our Petition!" which regulars and fans signed, and a checker black and white floor like at the old place. Plus, owner Steven Salinas says he was able to keep the Atomic Wings hookup at the new location. Now, all the spot needs is some grit and grime.

Subway Inn

1140 2nd Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10065 (212) 758-0900 Visit Website