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Opening Alert: Stephen Starr Makes His Chipotle Attempt With El Vez Burrito

Frito pie burritos, soft serve, and margaritas.

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El Vez
El Vez
Daniel Krieger

By many accounts, Stephen Starr's festive Mexican restaurant El Vez missed the mark when it expanded from Philly to New York last year. But it's still going strong in Battery Park City, and now Starr is banking on a universal love of burritos (not to mention the city's current fervor for Tex-Mex) to open El Vez Burrito next door. The fast-casual lunch concept, which operates out of a separate entrance to El Vez, is essentially Starr's take on Chipotle. It has make-your-own burritos, El Senor Softee soft serve (Starr clearly hasn't heard about Mister Softee's litigious tendencies), Mexican Coca-Cola, and margaritas. The concept is intended as a grab-and-go spot, but there's seating for 30 now, and there will be more once outdoor seating is set up this summer.

The Menu: Expect the classic Mission style burrito with all the fixings, and the less conventional Korean burrito, the K-Town. There's also the Texas/New Mexican staple Frito pie in burrito form (i.e. a beef burrito with Fritos tucked inside). For those who want to make their own burritos, there are fillings and toppings similar to Chipotle's or those at newcomer Oxido, with a few specialty items like a kale and mushroom filling, green chili cheese, and grilled scallion topping. For dessert, soft serve comes in flavors horchata or chocolate, with salted corn flakes, churro bits, and cajeta on top. For those who don't need to stay sober at lunch, there are margaritas, Corona, and Tecate.

El Vez Burrito

El Vez

259 Vesey Street, New York, NY 10282