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CB3 Gives Tentative Approval to Restaurant in Mission Chinese Food's Old Hellhole, More

Notes from last night's CB3 meeting, which dealt with Whynot Coffee's sushi transformation, the DL's sidewalk cafe, and more.

The troubled old Mission Chinese Food space on Orchard Street.
The troubled old Mission Chinese Food space on Orchard Street.

There are a few small items worth noting from last night's Community Board 3 meeting on the Lower East Side. First off, as Bowery Boogie reports: The owner of Whynot Coffee, the spacious, stylish cafe on Orchard Street, failed to get approval for a full liquor license for Sushi Wa, which he plans to replace Whynot with. He does, however, still have Whynot's beer and wine license, so he's still going forward with his plans for the sushi restaurant. Alas, his plans to open up the backyard also got nixed.

Meanwhile, Tal Levi, of Third Avenue Ale House, was back, doggedly trying to push through with his plans to open a Mediterranean restaurant in the mouse-infested hellhole that used to house Mission Chinese Food, before Danny Bowien fled to bigger and better things on East Broadway. The backyard and its enclosing structure still hasn't been inspected by the Department of Buildings, so it's still illegal, but CB3 did approve a beer and wine license for the restaurant, on the condition that the space actually passes inspection.

Despite some opposition, Paul Seres's Delancey Street nightclub, the DL, got its sidewalk cafe, which will only have eight seats, and only be open until 9 p.m. It sounds like the issue of Lucky Cheng's operating within the DL didn't come up, but Bowery Boogie still has its panties in a twist over the whole thing.