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Hampton Chutney Co. Forced Out of Soho After 15 Years

The shop will move a bit further downtown to Grand Street.

Via Google Street View

Last week Spring Street Natural announced that it's being forced to move, likely a few blocks south to Kenmare. Today, another Soho classic on the same block, Hampton Chutney Co. announces that it's being booted out of its 15 year home on Prince Street by a landlord who won't renew the dosa mini-chain's lease.

All is not lost, however. Like Spring Street Natural, Hampton Chutney won't shut down, it will just move – in this case down to Grand Street into a larger space with double the seating. Owner Isabel MacGurn tells DNAinfo that she's excited for the new space, which should open in July, but sad about how this all went down. "When we came to Prince Street, it was just completely dead...We helped promote that change. It's just unfortunate that businesses like us are getting pushed out."

Hampton Chutney Co.

68 Prince St, New York, NY 10012 (212) 226-9996 Visit Website