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Ganso Yaki Brings Japanese Street Food and Geek Whimsy to Brooklyn

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Take a look around the space.

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Last Friday, Harris Salat and Tadashi Ono, who operate the well-liked ramen-ya Ganso fired up the grills at their Japanese street food spot Ganso Yaki. The restaurant, which is right by Barclays, has a very similar vibe to the original — including the same wooden booths. But, the space is a bit roomier. There's a proper bar for sake and beer and another that lines the open kitchen with petite wooden stools (that might remind you just slightly of primary school). Miniature robots hanging out next to bottles of sake above the bar add just a touch of geek whimsy.

Take a look around the space and check out the full menu of skewers, sobas, and tempuras below.



Ganso Yaki

515 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn , NY