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Northern Tiger Starts Frying Artisan Dumplings at Hudson Eats on Wednesday

"Aromatic beef" and soft serve comes to Battery Park City's food hall.


The food kiosk lineup at Hudson Eats will finally be complete this week, nearly a year after the Battery Park City food hall opened is gleaming aisles to the publicNorthern Tiger, the dumpling and noodle shop from Erika Chou and Doron Wong of Yunnan Kitchen, is the last one to arrive and will start cooking with ingredients from "premier local farms" on Wednesday. Tribeca Citizen got its hands on the menu, which offers pan fried duck and leek dumplings, fish and seaweed wonton soup, and "aromatic beef." For dessert, there's soft serve in flavors that will change weekly. The shop is joining the already strong lunch-time offerings from places like Black Seed Bagels, Blue Ribbon Sushi, and Dos Toros.

Several other dining options at the complex are still in the works, but they are sit-down restaurants like Parm and Amada. Even before they open, giant French market and restaurant complex Le District will make its debut on March 28.

Hudson Eats at Brookfield Place

225 Liberty St, New York, NY 10281 (212) 417-7000