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This Week's Top Stories on Eater NY

Check out the 10 most-read stories on Eater this past week.


1) Chick-Fil-A to Open Three Story Chicken Biscuit Emporium in Midtown This Summer


That's right. New York is finally getting a Chick-Fil-A and it's a big— three stories of chicken and biscuity goodness in Herald Square. Read more about it here.


2) 15 Awesome Breakfast Sandwiches in New York City


This map breaks down the best breakfast sandwiches the city has to offer—that includes everything from pita-wrapped shakshuka to a classic bacon, egg and cheese .

Nick Solares

3) Here's the Lineup for the 2015 Big Apple Barbecue Block Party


A full run-down of the hometown heroes and visiting barbecue legends that will be cooking at the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party this summer.

Nick Solares

4) Queens Pizzeria Owners Busted for Smuggling 55 Kilos of Cocaine

large.0.0.0.png A family-run pizza place in Queens served as a front for $2 million coke smuggling scheme. Apparently, the drugs were snuck into the country inside shipments of yucca.

Official Site

5) Santina Rocks the High Line With Affordable Mediterranean Fare

2015_santinawall.0.jpg Eater critic Ryan Sutton dug the breezy, beach vibe and the price point at Major Food Group's Santina. Sutton on Santina's dining room: "It allows you to escape to a tropical fantasyland where Italy, so often traditional and familiar, now feels foreign and exotic."


6) Andy Ricker Breaks Down the Impact of the New Tipping Wage

7114066639_fb045e6ede_o.0.0.0.jpg Pok Pok's Andy Ricker explains the negative impact of the new tipping wage. According to Ricker, "It's a no-win situation for everyone."


7) Jeffrey Chodorow's Latin Fusion Behemoth Asia de Cuba Returns to NYC


Asia de Cuba's re-opening after a four year hiatus and El Chod hopes that this time "people don't come here just to look good."

Nick Solares

8) Navigating the Chinatown Menu of the Future at Flaming Kitchen


According to Eater Critic Robert Sietsema the mixed menu at Flaming Kitchen includes Sichuan dishes, dim sum, Chinese-American stir fries, northern Chinese food, Taiwanese fare, and even American options. it remains to be see whether this "strange mix [will] become the standard Chinese menu of the future."

Paul Crispin Quitoriano

9) Al Fresco Dining Returns, Heralding the Arrival of Spring

alfresco.0.0.0.jpgIn the mood to dine outside? Eater's got you covered with a full run-down of restaurants that are catering to your outdoor seating needs. Also check out this and this.

Greg Morabito

10) Can’t Get Into Javelina? Scamper Over to El Cantinero

elcantinerofajitas2.0.jpgLong before Javelina madness, El Cantinero was supplying hungry NYU students with a steady supply of fajitas and margaritas.

Robert Sietsema