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Fascinating Facts About Vito Schnabel From a Santina Server's Notebook

A telling glimpse at the VIP instructions for the celebrity curator/Torrisi restaurant investor.

Ever wonder what it's like to be a VIP? Like, the type of VIP who can land a Friday night reservation at Carbone on a moment's notice, and who breezes past the doorman at ZZ's Clam Bar? Well, one observant and stealthy Eater tipster dined recently at Santina, team Torrisi's Mediterranean fantasy beneath the High Line, and caught a glimpse, in unambiguous detail, of exactly what life could look like if one is in the inner Torrisi circle.

While taking an order, the server above exposed the slip of paper used to identify a VIP — in this case, Vito Schnabel, art dealer, son of filmmaker Julian Schnabel, boyfriend of Heidi Klum, and investor in most of the Torrisi boys' restaurants (not to mention art curator of Carbone). If you are Vito, they know your birthday, they know you like the Manganelli punch, your dates are free, and they always call you Mr. Schnabel.

Of course, this is not shocking. Every restaurant has its VIPs, and the top tier places always keep close tabs on any important person that walks through their doors. And it's not like the Torrisi guys have a dreamweaver like they do at Eleven Madison Park. This is just standard special treatment for one's rich and powerful friends.


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