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Here's the Food Waste-Focused Menu for Dan Barber's WastED Pop-Up

Monkfish wings, "dumpster dive" salad, and more. Plus, check out the full schedule of guest chefs.

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Courtesy of WastED

Tonight Dan Barber's kicks off WastED, his food waste-focused pop-up at Blue Hill. For the next two weeks, he and some of the country's biggest culinary talents will serve dinner made with ingredients that most people would consider garbage – think kale ribs, bruised vegetables and fruits, and fish heads. "It's not just about ugly vegetables and offal cuts. I think our thinking is to take it beyond to include things we wouldn't normally look at," Barber told Eater.

Each night a different guest chef, like Mario Batali, Enrique Olvera, or Grant Achatz, will add one special to the menu. Tonight that's Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park, serving cauliflower ribbons with lobster legs. Barber and his team have crafted the rest of the offerings, including a daily fish collar, "dumpster dive vegetable salad," broken razor clams with a pig's ear vinaigrette, and pasta trimmings with preserved monkfish tripe and smoked fish head sauce. The team has decided to abandon plans for a prix fixe, so everything is available a la carte for $15 a plate. Check out the full schedule of chefs below and the menu. Barber still promises there will be some surprise guests and pop-ups within the pop-up. Reservations are available online, but tough to come by. Luckily, it's walk-in-only from 9 p.m. on every night.

WastED Menu

March 13: Daniel Humm

March 14: Dominique Ansel

March 15: Mads Refslund

March 16: Danny Bowien

March 17: Alex Raij

March 18: Alex Stupak

March 19: Bill Telepan

March 20: April Bloomfield (with guest mixologist Audrey Saunders)

March 21: Bill Yosses

March 22: Enrique Olvera

March 23: Nancy Silverton

March 24: Philippe Bertineau (will be representing Chef Ducasse and Benoit)

March 25: Andrew Carmellini

March 26: Mario Batali

March 27: Dan Kluger

March 28: Grant Achatz

March 29: Brooks Headley

March 30: Dominique Crenn

March 31: Sean Brock

Blue Hill

75 Washington Place, Manhattan, NY 10011 (212) 539-1776 Visit Website