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Bowery Restaurant Bacchanal Adds Oddball Downstairs Bar

Kitschy paintings of historical figures, new cocktails, and more.

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Courtesy of Bacchanal

Almost a year after opening, Peter Poulakakos's Bowery restaurant Bacchanal has opened a basement bar called, surprise, surprise, Bacchanal Downstairs. The bar is sort of Bacchanal lite, and a bit funkier. The space feels like someone's basement where things from various decades have gathered together. There are red faux leather banquettes, maple-ish panelling, an iron railing, a hanging bird cage, and a giant painting of Ben Franklin with lipstick marks on his cheek (see below). To eat, there's a limited version of Ryan Schmidtberger's (the latest chef to run the Bacchanal kitchen) menu, mostly starters, plus warm chocolate chip cookies with milk. The drink menu is also pretty similar to the one Ivan Mitankin offers upstairs with a few additions like the Smoke & Mirrors (mezcal, sherry, vermouth, creme de peche, orange bitters, and orange oils) and the Toreador (tequila, creme de apricot, pressed lime, and agave). Check out the full menu below.




146 Bowery, New York, NY 10013 646-355-1840 Visit Website