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Preview a Documentary About the Upcoming Opening of Guenter Seeger NY

A Brooklyn filmmaker is making a feature length documentary about acclaimed chef Guenter Seeger, and the building of his first New York restaurant.

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William Berry

German-born chef Guenter Seeger, who made a name for himself in Atlanta, is working on his tasting menu-only restaurant Guenter Seeger NY in the Meatpacking District. And, every moment of that process is being captured on film. Brooklyn-based filmmaker David Winkfield is making a feature length documentary about it and recently posted a preview including some shots of Seeger in the raw space, Seeger at the Union Square Farmers Market, and Seeger in the kitchen with his wife and kids. The chef shares plenty of his thoughts on food, among them the idea that a great meal "is like a love affair," and also tells the story of how he became a chef: "My mother told me I would start an apprenticeship in two weeks, and that's what happened."

Check it out:

Guenter Seeger | Chef from dwink on Vimeo.

Guenter Seeger NY

641 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014