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Opening Alert: Au Za'atar Expands With Souk & Sandwich, a Lebanese Takeout Spot

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The West Village restaurant starts serving flatbread-wrapped falafel, kebabs, Lebanese sausage, and more today.

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Courtesy of Souk & Sandwich

Middle Eastern fare is having a bit of a moment these days. The Sussman brothers are working on a Middle Eastern restaurant, Einat Admony's Bar Bolonat garnered high praise from Pete Wells and Ryan Sutton last year, and now, Tarik Fallous, who owns Au Zaatar in the East Village, is opening a West Village takeout spot called Souk & Sandwich. To start, the restaurant will just be open for lunch, but there are plans to add dinner-time takeout later this month.

The Menu: Fresh grilled flatbread is wrapped around Lebanese fillings like falafel, lamb kebab, spiced Lebanese sausage, and veal livers with onions and pickles. There are a few veggie options, like a wrap of marinated and fried cauliflower with tomatoes and tahini, and a sandwich of labne, boiled egg, scallions, olives, and mint. A handful of Au Za'atar's stellar mezze also make the menu, including the hummus and babaganoush. In his two star review of Au Za'atar, Robert Sietsema, said: "You've probably never tasted better babaganoush." Rounding out the menu are a few savory pastries and Lebanese-spiced chicken wings. At dinner, expect sandwiches, plus Lebanese lamb stews and grilled meats.

Lunch Menu

Dinner Menu

Souk & Sandwich

117 6th Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10013 (212) 625-3982 Visit Website