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More Important Things to Know About New York City's First Chick-Fil-A

Delivery, gift card giveaways, and possible future locations.


Now that New Yorkers know when and where Manhattan's first-ever full-fledged Chick-fil-A will open, the only thing left to speculate about is what it will be like. Of course, it's a fast food chain, so we already mostly know what it will be like, but nonetheless, Crain's has some very important new facts about the Herald Square Chick-fil-A that any fan of chicken biscuits will surely want to know.

First of all, yes, it will have three stories, but only two of those will be for customers. The second floor will contain 80 seats, the first floor will be exclusively devoted to the restaurant's 10 registers, and to the long lines it clearly anticipates. The basement, meanwhile, will just be used for food prep and storage.

This Chick-fil-A will also deliver, and as suspected, offer catering. And, in the grand Chick-fil-A tradition, it will give away gift cards to the first 100 customers, good for one sandwich a week for a year.

Meanwhile, as the chain plots its New York invasion, it reveals that it's also scoping out other locations in Midtown and the Financial District.


1000 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY 10018