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Vital Al Fresco Update: Gemma and More Open Outdoor Seating

As temperatures rise, seating is moving outdoors.

Kara Olsen

Eternal optimism is not trait often attributed to New Yorkers, but the fact that most restaurants decided it was spring as soon as the temperature approached 50 means that hopes are high all around right now. Whether or not it's here to stay, it's 60 degrees out now, so it's high time to take advantage of the city's wealth of al fresco options:

Gemma is the restaurant equivalent of a groundhog, so the fact that they just opened up outdoor seating means that spring has officially arrived to New York.

John McDonald and Josh Capon's Mexican spot El Toro Blanco is now slinging guac outdoors along 6th Avenue.

The Chester's got the Meatpacking covered with a wraparound patio.

Baker & Co.'s roof-less outdoor seating is open in the West Village.

For those that want to tiptoe into the al fresco arena, there's Ainsworth Park.

Does the retractable roof at the Refinery Hotel count as outdoor seating? Sort of.

And finally, the team at the Randolph Brooklyn tells Eater their sidewalk cafe is open and ready for action.

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