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Cult Favorite Ramen-Ya Ichiran Will Bring Solo Noodle-Slurping to Chelsea

Expect bowls of tonkotsu sometime after the summer.

Google Street View

Famed Japanese ramen chain Ichiran has been toying with the hearts of New Yorkers for years, but earlier this year the city received official word that a lease had been signed. Today, DNAinfo pinpoints that lease. It's at 132 west 20th Street and the team is already at work designing the outpost — likely with its signature solo dining booths. Ichiran is famously fastidious. There's only one type of ramen on the menu (a deeply flavored pork-based tonkotsu that can be ordered in different levels of intensity and chili oil), no phones are allowed, and all orders are placed at, and paid for, at a machine. "Our mission is to deepen the flavor of every bowl, each one of them involving the work of over 40 specialists," says the chain's website. The restaurant will open this year, but the team told Grub Street recently, "not in the summer."

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