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Ganso Yaki Will Bring Japanese Street Food to Downtown Brooklyn on Friday

Check out the restaurant's new website.

Courtesy of Ganso Yaki

Skewers are at the ready at Ganso Yaki, the Japanese street food-inspired restaurant from Ganso ramen masters Harris Salat and Tadashi Ono. The restaurant will fire up its grills on Friday right near Barclay's. The menu won't debut until tomorrow (check back), but the restaurant's brand spanking new website has a picture of a grilled and sliced squid and describes the project as:

Taking our inspiration from from alleyway shops, backstreet restaurants, pushcart vendors and  "gardo shita" mom & pop joints ("under the train tracks") of the old, rough and tumble Shitamachi section of Tokyo,  Ganso Yaki's expansive menu focuses on "yaki" — Japanese-style grilling — and other street food classics.

Ganso Yaki

515 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn , NY