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Subway Inn's Neon Sign Is Up and Ready to Glow on 2nd Avenue

Everything is being brought over from the original, signage included, of course.


As of yesterday, Subway Inn's signature neon sign is up at its new home down the block. The well-loved neighborhood dive was kicked out of its 77-year-old home by developers last year, and its owners, the Salinas family, have been gradually moving everything over to the new location and documenting it all on Facebook. The booths? They're in place. The restored bar? It's there too. As for that sign, the owners promise, "yes, that is the exact same neon sign. The only difference is we painted the back using the same color as before."

It doesn't look like the sign is glowing quite yet, and no word yet on an exact opening date, but sounds like it's all getting close.

Subway Inn

1140 2nd Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10065 (212) 758-0900 Visit Website