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John DeLucie Attempts to Freeze Partner Sean Largotta Out of All His Restaurants

While the Windsor is closed for "renovations," investors have supposedly filed an emergency injunction against Largotta to keep him out of the accounts.

Sean Largotta and John DeLucie
Sean Largotta and John DeLucie
Daniel Krieger

Fresh new rumors emerged this morning about restaurateur John DeLucie and his rocky split with business partner Sean Largotta. This time the gossip revolves around The Windsor in the West Village, which is currently "closed for renovations." According to the Post, the closure is actually part the attempt by DeLucie and his investors to freeze Largotta out of the business following his alleged misuse of funds.

Last month, DeLucie banned Largotta from the Lion for allegedly taking $100,000 from the clubby West Village restaurant to use on a vacation to Italy and a Land Rover rental. Now one investor tells the Post that they are seeking an emergency injunction to ban Largotta from accessing the Windor's accounts, because he "continued to withdraw money knowing that we were watching." Largotta, meanwhile, insists that he's done nothing wrong, but DeLucie confirms that he's been banned from the Lion, and rumor has it he will soon be banned from Crown and Bill's Food & Drink as well.

The Windsor

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