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Tiny Carroll Gardens Hit Take Root Will Raise Its Tasting Menu to $120 in April

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You have less than two months to dine on the critically acclaimed tasting menu for the current price of $105.


In April, for the second time in just under a year, Brooklyn's Take Root will up the price of its tasting menu. Back in July, the diminutive tasting menu restaurant in Carroll Gardens raised the price of a meal there from $85 to $105, and today it announces on Twitter that that price will go up to $120 come spring.

The 14 seat restaurant, which is operated by a team of two – chef Elise Kornack and her wife, Anna Hieronomous – has been picking up more and more buzz and accolades in recent months. In October Kornack told Eater they were hoping to take on a third staff member this year, but she now says they have decided against that: "After a lot of conversation, both Anna and myself are very happy with the way things are in the current location and love the unique experience we have carved out as a two person team." So the price hike, she tells Eater, simply reflects some "slight refinements" she's made to the menu. They "intend on using/introducing ingredients and preparations that are a bit more costly," she says, and adds that "We have no intention on raising the price after this."

In the meantime, there are still almost two months to get the menu at the current price. And, even when the price does go up, it will still be much less costly than the most expensive of Brooklyn's tasting menus, Blanca ($195) and Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare ($255). It will be quite close, however, to the tasting menu at the Little Elm, which is just $15 more at $135, and it will certainly still be the most expensive tasting menu in the neighborhood.

Take Root

187 Sackett St, Brooklyn, NY 11231 (347) 227-7116 Visit Website

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