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Saturday Night Blaze Forces Colonia Verde to Temporarily Shutter

Comodo is going strong.


Fort Greene Latin restaurant Colonia Verde (sister of Soho's Comodo) "is hurt," says its website. The restaurant suffered a fire late Saturday night, which caused some serious damage. Fortunately, no one was hurt, reports Grub Street, but the restaurant will be closed for at least a couple of weeks while it rebuilds. The team posted a note saying:

"We are shocked, saddened, and nervous, but we are also hopeful. We will get back up because we always do, and because we know we can count on the support of a neighborhood that we love and has already opened up to us so beautifully. We will be back, and will come back even stronger and better."

In the meantime, Comodo is going strong, and adding Monday night dinner service, presumably to help foot the construction bill. "Come join us over there, and let's celebrate the gift of life, be grateful that no one was hurt, and that we will rebuild..." the team tells Grub. Oh, "and hugs are greatly appreciated."


58 MacDougal St., New York, NY 10012 (646) 580-3866 Visit Website

Colonia Verde

219 DeKalb Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205 (347) 689-4287 Visit Website