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Philippe Chow Once Again Embroiled in Lawsuit Over Restaurant Names

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Last time, he was being sued by Mr. Chow. This time, he's suing LA's Philippe.

Philippe NYC
Philippe NYC

Owners of the celebrity hangout Philippe are suing an LA restaurant for $10 million for using their name, reports the Post. The owners say that Philippe West Coast is "damaging" the brand. The Beverly Hills restaurant, which used to be in West Hollywood, was licensed to use the name, but that license ended when the restaurant closed its original location, according to the suit. Philippe's owner and chef, Philippe Chow, is no stranger to lawsuits. In 2012 he was sued by his former boss Michael Chow of Mr. Chow for allegedly trying to confuse diners in Miami by using the Chow name (the restaurant was called Philippe Chow) and claiming that he invented much of Mr. Chow's menu. Philippe ultimately paid $1 million in damages to Michael Chow.


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