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Dominique Ansel Peddles Flakes of Cronut Cast in Brass for Valentine's Day

$100 and some determination could get you two Cronuts and a piece of jewelry made out of a piece of an actual Cronut.


Could Valentine's Day, the most gimmicky of all gimmicky holidays, really be complete without a Cronut-related gimmick? Of course not. That's why this year, Dominique Ansel, creator of excellent pastries and mania-fueling pastry stunts, has teamed up with jewelry designer Gabriel Urist to create a very limited edition Cronut necklace for the holiday. And by "Cronut necklace," they do not mean a Cronut-shaped charm on a chain. Instead, hanging from this necklace is a glass vial containing an actual flake of Cronut cast in brass. Here's what it looks like:

You can tell that's a piece of Cronut, right? If that's the sort of thing that will impress your Valentine's Day date, note that there are only 100 necklaces available, and it's only available through the Virgin Mega app, which allows users to virtually "wait in line" for limited edition products. Be warned that the only way to move up in this line is by engaging in social media about it. Those who land one of the top 100 spots get the necklace and two actual Cronuts for $100. 50 of those will be delivered locally, the other 50 shipped across the country. The line opens Wednesday at 3 p.m.

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