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John DeLucie Allegedly Bans Business Partner from The Lion Over Misused $100,000

DeLucie claims Sean Largotta used money from the Lion to rent a Land Rover, and go on a trip to Italy with his girlfriend.

Sean Largotta and John Delucie
Sean Largotta and John Delucie
Daniel Krieger

Looks like there's some unrest in the John DeLucie kingdom. The Post reports a rumor that the chef/restaurateur behind such clubby establishments as Crown, and Bill's Food & Drink, is currently fighting with his business partner, Sean Largotta, over $100,000 taken from their West Village restaurant, The Lion.

DuLucie claims that Largotta used the $100,000 to finance a trip to Italy with his girlfriend, and to rent a Land Rover. Largotta however, denies it, telling the Post that the money was spent on an escrow payment for six month's rent on the restaurant. He admits that he did go on a trip to Italy, but that DeLucie and a third partner also came along, and "brought their girlfriends" too.

In any case, according to DeLucie, Largotta is now banned from the Lion until "a full-scale investigation" into the matter is complete. Largotta, however, also denies this, claiming he was just in there early last week, "having a margarita."

The Lion

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