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Michelle and Malia Obama Stop In For Lunch at Community While Touring Colleges

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Just your average mother-daughter college tour, with a stop at the local lunch spot.


It seems that Malia Obama is in town right now, going through the same thing that a lot of teenagers her age are, touring colleges with her mom. The major difference of course being that the Secret Service are touring colleges with her. She and Michelle Obama have been spotted at both NYU and Columbia today, and, as is only natural, eating lunch at local Columbia hang Community Food & Juice. The University's Twitter gossip rag, Bwog, has pretty thorough coverage of what went down:

Wall to wall Secret Service, of course:

But the restaurant was still packed:

Who is this girl casually eating pancakes and drinking coffee while the Obamas exit directly behind her?

Here they are leaving the restaurant while students shriek after them. At least that one girl feels bad:

Community Food & Juice

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