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Here's What Will Replace Bereket and Every Other Shop on East Houston and Ludlow

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That sale of Katz's air rights made this building possible.

Ismael Leyva

Plans for the massive condo complex that will replace Bereket, Empanada Mama, and just about everything on the block of East Houston from Orchard to Ludlow are finally out and they are — as Curbed puts it — not "horribly ugly." This development is what the sale of Katz's air rights enabled.

There will be 83 units and probably some fancy retail space on the ground floor. See? As promised, there's no cantilevering action over Katz's, as some feared. Jake Dell, the 27-year-old owner of Katz's, says the sale has ensured that Katz's will not be going anywhere — thought it will likely have to put up with some construction headaches starting soon. Notoriously bad landlord Ben Shaoul, who is behind the condo, has filed demolition permits for Bereket's old corner, says Bowery Boogie.

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