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Marcus Samuelsson Jumps on the Bone Broth Bandwagon for Streetbird Rotisserie

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A glimpse of the menu from a preview meal last night reveals that Samuelsson is serving "bird broth."


Hot on the heels of what looks like a successful pop-up on the Lower East Side, celebrity chef/scarf lover Marcus Samuelsson was once again test-driving the menu of his upcoming casual Harlem restaurant, Streetbird Rotisserie in the Saveur test-kitchen last night. He was cooking for the likes of Barbuto chef Jonathan Waxman, and Nightingale 9's Rob Newton, but the really crucial news that emerged is this:

See that? Bird broth. And what's another name for bird broth? Bone broth. That's right, the brodo trend that is improbably sweeping the nation has made its way onto the menu at Marcus Samuelsson's next restaurant. That menu, for the curious, otherwise includes dishes like roast chicken over lo mein, and dessert "hot dogs" drizzled with red velvet sauce. Streetbird Rotisserie will open this spring in Harlem, near Samuelsson's Red Rooster.

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