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Steve Cuozzo Particularly Pleased by the Prices at Shelly Fireman's Newest, Florian

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Two stars for the Midtown Italian restaurant.

That sculpture, by the way, was made by Fireman himself.
That sculpture, by the way, was made by Fireman himself.
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Steve Cuozzo seems grateful for Florian, the most recent addition to Shelly Fireman's mini-empire which includes Cafe Fiorello and Trattoria Dell'Arte, in this week's Post review. He's particularly pleased with the prices, which he deems even more moderate than those found at Fireman's other places. The menu is vast offering pastas, pizzas, meats and Fireman's signature selection of antipasti.

Bucking notorious, veal parmigiana price creep, an on-bone specimen, pounded into a pizza-size round topped with burrata rather than cheaper mozzarella, was just $31. Chicken Calabrese diavola, fired with red bell and Calabrese peppers, is another steal at $58 for the whole bird, which serves two.

He also recommends the "polenta pans," particularly one topped with cotechinoa lobster seafood farro soup, and "made-to-order vanilla ice cream sculpted into a Matterhorn." Two stars.

Florian Café

225 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003 (212) 869-8800 Visit Website

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