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Unofficial Nutella Emporium Nuteria Faces Inevitable Lawsuit, Despite Name Change

The Park Slope cafe tried to appease Nutella lawyers by changing its name from Nutelleria to Nuteria, but it's still getting sued.


When signs appeared in Park Slope this past summer, promising the imminent arrival of Nutelleria, a Nutella-oriented cafe, a lawsuit looked imminent. The cafe was run by self-proclaimed "Nutella enthusiasists," who had no actual ties to the trademarked chocolate hazelnut spread, and it seemed impossible that they would get away with a name like that. Well, they didn't.

When the little cafe finally opened, after a very last-minute delay, the owners had renamed it Nuteria, and all seemed to have come to a happy end. The owners had come to their senses, and Park Slopers had their chocolate hazelnut-slathered treats. Unfortunately, as it turns out, Ferrero (the company that makes Nutella) still isn't happy. As the Daily News reports, the company really did threaten legal action when it got wind of the Nutelleria name, and now has decided that the alternative, Nuteria, is still a trademark infringement. Ferrero is now suing Nuteria, seeking monetary damages, and another name change. It remains to be seen how this all shakes out in court.


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