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Vermont Transplant American Flatbread Hearth Has Cooled Its Ovens, At Least For Now

The Tribeca location never seemed to build much of a local following.

Daniel Krieger

Vermont pizza import American Flatbread Hearth has quietly shut down its New York location, at least for the time being, notes Tribeca Citizen. A sign in the window and a message posted online say that the restaurant is closed for renovations, but available for private events, which can sometimes be a sign that a restaurant is in trouble — a last-ditch effort to bring in funds. Eater also hears from a tipster in the know that staff members were laid off, and that the restaurant really is done for good, but hasn't been able to confirm that just yet.

Vermont transplants and fans of the mini-pizza chain were excited when it moved to Tribeca in 2013, but the restaurant never seemed to build much of a local following. As the Tribeca Citizen points out, its location on a bleak block of Canal Street near the Holland Tunnel surely didn't help. Meanwhile, the Vermont locations seem to be doing fine.

Eater has reached out to American Flatbread for a comment, so stay tuned.

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American Flatbread Tribeca Hearth

205 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013 (212) 776-1441

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