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A Day in the Life of Seasoned East Village Restaurateur Frank Prisinzano

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Frank Prisinzano opened his eponymous restaurant in the East Village in 1998, anticipating the neighborhood's ascent as a food destination. Since then he has gone on to open three additional restaurants, and on the side launched a hugely influential internet radio station. Here is an average day in his life in 33 photos.

Frank Prisinzano begins his day with a strenuous work out with trainer John Pena. He met Pena several years ago when he needed rehab for back surgery, and has trained with him three times a week ever since. From the gym, Prisinzano heads to Frank Restaurant to teach children from PS 41 a pasta making class, something he does regularly. When the kids have left, Prisinzano cooks some of the specials from the Frank menu to check the recipes and also photographs them for the restaurants website and Instagram account. The chef is an avid Instagram user, using the platform as a blog of sorts to teach cooking technique, critique the food at his own restaurants, and also to give away prizes to his followers.

From Frank he walks down to Supper on 2nd Street to check on things and cook himself up a crispy egg, one of the techniques he has become known for. From Supper he moves on to Sauce, his newest restaurant, to meet with his social media and website team and check in on "his boys," as he calls the cadre of cooks that work his kitchen. From Sauce he makes his way up to Lil' Frankie, his pizzeria on 1st Ave. Here he reviews the evening reservations, meets with his business partner, Adam Eizer, and also checks out the studio that housed East Village Radio, the now-dormant internet radio station that he plans to resurrect in the near future. He started the free radio station to "give back" to the neighborhood, but had to shut it down in May of last year due to high costs. Later on, after taste testing several on the pizzas from the menu he meets with Peter Ferraro, his partner in EVR to discuss the relaunch. From Lil' Frankie, Prisinzano heads home, to listen to a little Marvin Gaye on vinyl.