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Subway Inn's Neon Makes the Journey East as the Dive Prepares for a Comeback

Construction continues at the new home of the Upper East Side bar.


Subway Inn, the well-loved 77-year-old dive bar on the Upper East Side, is in the final stages of its move east to 2nd Avenue. Very recently, that familiar neon sign came down from the original, and as of yesterday was on its way to the new location.

The owners (the Salinas family), who were pushed out of their original space by a developer after a long, protracted battle, have been working hard to recreate the old bar as best they can in the new space, starting from the ground up. They've been chronicling their progress on Facebook, posting construction shots every week or so for the past month. So far they've installed soundproofing and a new bar, and are promising that the bathrooms will really wow anyone familiar with the grungy old ones. But it sounds like things are running a bit behind – the bar was aiming to open by February first, but clearly that date has come and gone, and as of now the bathrooms are only half done, and the sign, obviously, is still in pieces. So, keep an eye on that Facebook page. More updates are surely to come.

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