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Pastis Sign Going for $10,000 on Ebay May or May Not Have Been Stolen

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An eBay listing purports to offer a piece of New York restaurant history for sale.

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The signs for Keith McNally's departed Meatpacking District darling Pastis where taken down last December, presumably to await the restaurant's expected return in 2016. But a recent eBay listing suggested that anyone willing to part with at least $10,000 can buy one of those pieces of NYC restaurant history. The main image in the listing shows one of the two iconic signs perched on an old steamer trunk, looking rather worse for the wear, and promises that this is the "original" Pastis sign.

Could this possibly be true? The space in the picture certainly looks like the sort of place that Keith McNally might reside in. But we know better than to trust everything we read on the internet. Representatives for McNally say they're pretty sure that the real Pastis signs are safe and sound in storage, but are actually somewhat stumped by the matter themselves. They are currently "trying to get to the bottom of it," and say that "We can't tell with 100% certainty whether or not it's an original Pastis sign. It's either stolen (we never gave away or sold any signs) or a reproduction." What does that even mean? Could someone really have just waltzed into McNally storage and made off with the sign?

This is the eBay user's first and only listing, and it looks like they just joined a few days ago, but who knows what that means. There are six days left in the auction and currently no bids on the item, and hopefully it stays that way lest some poor, Pastis-loving sucker drops $10,000 on a knockoff.


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