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Birdbath Bakery's West Village Location Hasn't Paid Rent Since August [Update]

The bakery never opened, but still owes the landlord $65,000 in unpaid rent.

Sonia Chopra

It looks like the West Village outpost of Birdbath Bakery (which never opened, but has been under construction since July) is having problems keeping up with the rent. Here's a letter from the bakery's landlord, courtesy of a tipster, which was posted on Birdbath's window on Thursday. It claims that the bakery owes more than $65,000 in rent and has three days to pay up.

According to this letter, Birdbath hasn't paid rent since the summer, right around the time the chain's Third Avenue location shuttered. All signs indicate that the West Village outpost will never open, but that is yet to be confirmed. Eater has reached out to a rep at the affiliated City Bakery, so stay tuned for more details.

Update: Birdbath/City Bakery owner Maury Rubin responds "This is a real estate matter involving the property and the city. It has nothing to do with Birdbath, even with our sign in the window." Birdbath has been unable to start construction due to that issue, but not due to any financial difficulty. Birdbath is about to open a third outpost on the Upper West Side, plus a kids party space in Flatiron, and is looking to expand to Brooklyn. Read his full response over on his blog.

Birdbath Neighborhood Green Bakery

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