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Make Reservations for Dan Barber's Food Waste Pop-Up Starting Next Week

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Guest chefs include Grant Achatz and Sean Brock, dishes include fried skate wing cartilage, and the tables are made from mushrooms.

Daniel Krieger

As promised, Dan Barber has just sent along all the vital details about wastED, the food waste-focused pop-up he'll be running next month out of Blue Hill in Manhattan. As the farm-to-table visionary has already explained, he'll completely overhaul his restaurant for this pop-up, and from March 13 through 31 will serve a menu of dishes made mostly from the stuff kitchens usually throw away – from carrot tops to fish heads to vegetable pulp from juice shops. Over the course of those two weeks (and maybe longer), a number of heavy-hitting chefs, from NYC and elsewhere, will do guest stints, creating specials for the menu. So here's what you need to know about who those chefs will be, what the dinners will look like, and how to get a seat:

The menu will be a five-course prix fixe for $85 per person, but the meal isn't formatted like a traditional coursed-out meal. Instead, it's all small plates, and the dishes arrive in random order. No word on the full menu yet, but just know that it includes a veggie pulp burger and fried skate wing cartilage with smoked whitefish head tartar sauce. For anyone dining before 9 p.m., the restaurant will take reservations and walk-ins. After 9 p.m., it's walk-in only. Reservations are available up to one week in advance, which means the first batch goes live on the wastED website on Friday, March 6, a week from today.

As for the guest chefs, they include modernist magician Grant Achatz, king of the South Sean Brock, French legend Alain Ducasse, and many more. Barber promises there will also be a few surprise guests, but for now the full list of chefs, pastry chefs, and mixologists is below.

Meanwhile, the entire restaurant, from furniture to dishware, is also being transformed into something more waste-free. Barber says he'll be using tables "made from mushroom material," damaged and overstocked plates from places like Williams Sonoma and Fishs Eddy, and recycled burlap sacks and aluminum cans for either tableware or decor (it's unclear which).

Now here's the list of chefs:

Guest Chefs

Grant Achatz
Mario Batali
April Bloomfield
Danny Bowien
Sean Brock
Dominique Crenn
Andrew Carmellini
Alain Ducasse
Daniel Humm
Dan Kluger
Enrique Olvera
Alex Raij
Mads Refslund
Nancy Silverton
Bill Telepan

Pastry Chefs
Dominique Ansel
Claudia Fleming
Brooks Headley
Bill Yosses

Dale DeGroff
Jim Meehan
Audrey Saunders

Blue Hill

75 Washington Place, Manhattan, NY 10011 (212) 539-1776 Visit Website